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2015. SF-2 Knitting Machine 2015. SF-2 Knitting Machine

2010. Photoelectric Prosecution System 2010. Photoelectric Prosecution System

2010, smart yarn monitoring,detecting and controlling system was developed which is combined with SCM,micro electronic and OP-TEC.

2010. GTF Knitting Machine 2010. GTF Knitting Machine

GTF elastane yarn feeder monitor and controls the change of yarn tension real-time according to high precision and high stability tension sensor.

Company Profile

“NSC” brand was established on 1984, “NSC”abides by aim of “Lead the tendency of yarn feeding, Show the style of brand引導喂紗潮流,彰顯名牌風采” in past more than 30 years, focused on development of yarn feedingdevice of textile industry, and grew up with China textile industry. Since 2009, “NSC” always emphasizestechnical development and ...

Recent News
07 | 2019 Notice

Notice Recently, there are some illegal companies or individuals falsely called NSC branch or take a ...

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